Reports, Data, Information

Depending on your interests, the reports, data, and information presented were developed over 20 years of installing the Pirana® in every type of septic system and many wastewater treatment environments.

The Pirana® is not a typical aerobic treatment unit (ATU) therefore what is posted may or may not follow typical ATU testing guidelines. Many thousands of successful installations in varied applications around the world has provided irrefutable empirical and testing data showing the superior capabilities of the Pirana® compared to ATUs.

Additional information on Septic Failure

Additional information Pirana®

Pirana® Spec Sheet

Homeowner Guidelines for Pirana®

MASSTC Reports

University Comparison Study

2001 Engineer report Pirana Remediation

Pirana® Blend Bacteria BioAssay = non toxic zero fish killed

Malibu Gardens Demo Project

Letter from Homeowner Mr. Haggard to "This Old House"