When people are confronted with a new product or technology encompassing what for them are new ideas and concepts, using common everyday language, definitions and terms can be critical for interested people to understand the basics of how a new product or technology works. We will use the insight and simple definitions of a couple of people who had a Pirana® installed to restore their failed septic systems. They unintentionally helped us explain to others how the Pirana® works to restore a failed drain field and how it maintains the proper function of a septic system. Let’s get started.

Life is biological. Life is living organisms - living organisms in relationships with other living organisms. There are fundamental processes in those relationships. One is the efficient recycling by bacteria of waste products from living organisms (including dead organisms) into compounds that other living organisms can use to carry on their life’s functions. The efficiency of the recycling process is dependent on the species and strains of bacteria and the bacteria’s oxygen environment. These were the fundamental concerns for the design of the Pirana®: use the most efficient bacteria to recycle human waste by providing their needed oxygen environment in the aquatic environment of a septic system. No other septic system is designed to do this. That’s why they cannot do what Pirana® does.

One neighbor called the Pirana® an “incubator”. He was trying to create in his mind a fundamental definition of what the Pirana® unit was and does in a septic tank. He was correct. The design and purpose of the Pirana® unit is to grow and rapidly increase the population of the select group of powerful atmospheric oxygen adapted bacteria species and strains we call Pirana® Blend Bacteria, using human waste carried in the water entering the septic tank as “food”. That is the definition of an “incubator”. Coincidentally, problem biomat producing anaerobic intestinal bacteria are killed in the tank, organic matter is reduced to the point that no  “food” for biomat forming bacteria leaves the septic tank and the Pirana® effluent is highly aerobic helping support the Pirana® Blend Bacteria carried to the drain field. Now we often use the term “incubator” for Pirana® Blend Bacteria to explain how and what the Pirana® does. Thank you neighbor!

A woman customer who had a Pirana® installed in her septic tank to restore her failed drain field commented, “What the Pirana® really does is “clean” my entire septic system using Pirana® Blend Bacteria”. Like the neighbor, she was trying to create in her mind a simple definition how the Pirana® works to restore her failed septic system. If removing the biological and organic problems causing failure of a septic system by Pirana® Blend Bacteria digesting them away, that can easily be defined as “cleaning”. We often explain to people the Pirana® biologically “cleans” their septic system using Pirana® Blend Bacteria to digest away the biological causes of failure. Thank you to this insightful lady for defining for us that the Pirana® “cleaned” her septic system and kept it “clean”.

So how does the Pirana® “clean” an entire septic system? The Pirana® “incubator” grows massive numbers of Pirana® Blend Bacteria and in the process digests and recycles the organic waste and solids entering the Pirana® septic tank. This digestion process “cleans” the septic tank of organic solids, eliminating pumping.

Massive numbers of Pirana® Blend Bacteria exit the Pirana® “incubator” and suspend in the highly aerobic Pirana® effluent, leave the septic tank in the effluent and enter the failed drain field. There they “clean” the drain field by digesting away the stored organic matter that has settled out of effluent before the installation of the Pirana®.

The Pirana® Blend Bacteria also attach to the clogging biomat layer on the infiltrative soil surfaces of the drain field. Biomat clogging is responsible for 95+% of drain field failures. Biomat is highly nutritious for the Pirana® Blend Bacteria and is quickly digested away. With the infiltrative soil surface “cleaned” of biomat, the liquid effluent stored in the failed drain field can be absorbed into the soil returning the drain field to proper function. As long as the Pirana® is operated and maintained, the drain field can not fail from biomat clogging.

Now you know the simple fundamentals of how the Pirana® works. Contact Pirana® Systems for more detailed information on how the Pirana® can solve your septic problems. Maybe you can give us another simple definition to help others understand the Pirana®.

The Pirana® “cleans” the septic tank so the effluent in the inlet chamber looks like this:

water in jar water in glass above bucket water in bottle close up of water in bottle
closeup of water in jar closeup of water in jar in the sun closeup of water in bottle in the sun close up of water in bottle on the ground

From these photos it doesn’t take much to imagine a drain field “cleaned” by Pirana®.