Being On This Site Normally Means Your Septic System Has Failed.
You Know The Anxiety Of The Near Bankrupting Cost Plus The Horrendous Destruction Of Your Landscaping For The Single Option Demanded By The Local EHD/DEQ: “You Gotta Replace Your Failed Septic System”. Remediation And Restoring Your Failed Septic System With The Pirana Changed This. Keep Reading. You Won’t Regret You Did!

There are generally used terms to describe a failed septic system. You might have used one to find this site. Here are the most commonly used terms to describe a failed septic system: a failed drain field, failed disposal field, failed leach lines, failed leach field, failed bed, failed tile bed, failed cesspool, failed seepage pit, failed dry well, failed sand filter, failed mound, failed aerobic system. There are other terms that are more local than general and are too numerous to list. Any reference using any of the terms above is interchangeable with” failed septic system”.

Driving a Change in the Septic Industry

Simple and inexpensive, the patented Pirana® Aerobic Bacteria Generator was designed as a compact and seamless, multi-purpose modular addition to your septic tank. The Pirana® device easily installs in any septic tank with little or no landscape damage. In the septic tank, the Pirana® unit provides a unique oxygen environment allowing the natural Pirana® Blend Bacteria, some of the most powerful recycling bacteria found in Nature, to survive and thrive in the septic tank. They rapidly multiply, digest and recycle all of the daily organic solid waste entering the septic tank, virtually eliminating future septic tank pumping. The Pirana® effluent carries them to the drain field where they aggressively consume the biological soil clogging biomat causing system failure. Compared to the expensive and destructive mechanical replacement of a biologically failed disposal field, the affordable Pirana® is the simple biological solution to a biological problem.

Pirana System and setup

Take Control of Your Septic Problems

Septic system failure is no mystery. How to restore a failed septic system is no longer a mystery with the Pirana®. Property owners need straightforward answers and affordable solutions to their septic problems. That’s what we do at Pirana® Systems. We have Pirana® models for every situation and circumstance.

From the inventor: To create the Aerobic Bacteria Generator technology, I first considered the property owner’s interests: affordable cost; installations with no destruction to property or landscaping; simple easy to understand the non-technical process; lowest operating and maintenance costs; smallest footprint for all forms of pollution dealing with sewage. Without the property owner’s considerations first, I would have followed the septic industry’s priorities and never invented the only new septic technology in 130 years. Ultimately, the Pirana® created the new paradigm for septic systems and wastewater treatment.

Since 2000, Pirana® Systems has designed and developed, septic system and wastewater treatment solutions for homes, multi-family apartments and condos, hotel / resorts, schools, RV sites and campgrounds, mobile home parks, commercial businesses and restaurants, pond and lagoon restoration “and more” across the USA and in 14 countries. Break free from costly and damaging conventional “you gotta replace your drain field” solutions and make the Pirana® upgrade today. Contact Pirana® Systems and learn more about our septic solutions. You won't be sorry you did!

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